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Thrud The Barbarian (2002)

Thrud The Barbarian (2002)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero

Publisher: Self-published

Writer: Carl Critchlow

Artist: Carl Critchlow

Publication date: June 1, 2002

Status: Completed

Views: 9,875


The King of Carborundum is having a spot of bother with the necromancer To-Me Ku-Pa; naturally he turns to Sir Percival Pursuivant and the Magnificent Seven Knights of Saint Simeon the Saintly for help. Sadly they disturb the sleep of our Barbarian hero on the way to the town and are soon rendered unable to help (THWOP!, FWAP!, SPLATT!THWOK!, POK!, KER-CHOK! & SPAM!).

Luckily for the town Thrud stops by for a visit to the pub (being a barbarian is thirsty work) and has his pint spilt by To-Me Ku-Pa, (PAF!, WHUMP! STOMPSTOMPSTOMP!). The Necromancer's evil schemes are ended. Unluckily for the town a fire started during the fight burns it to the ground forcing the good folk of Carborundum to live on turnips for another year. Our hero walks off into the sunset.

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