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Thor: Vikings

Thor: Vikings

Genres: Action, Adventure, Mythology, Superhero

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Glenn Fabry

Publication date: September 2003 - January 2004

Status: Completed

Views: 60,651


The west coast of Norway, 1003 AD. A renegade Viking raiding party led by Harald Jaekelsson, storms into the village of Lakstad, slaughtering the entire population. As Jaekelsson`s longboat prepares to leave, the old village wiseman who has survived the massacre, hails the boat from a cliff - casting a spell of damnation, cursing the ship`s crew to `everlasting pain` - before a Viking shoots him dead with a bow. 
And so, the cursed ship sails through the ages with Jaekelsson and his crew damned to `live` forever... 
Until 2003, when the ship sails into South Street Seaport, Manhattan, surprising the passing crowds, who take the ship and crew as actors in an movie reenactment...until the Vikings disembark and the slaughter begins! 
Police and civilians are killed in the bloodfrenzy of Jaekelsson`s men, bodies piled in burning heaps. 
And then, with a crackle of lightning, Thor descends from the sky to face the Vikings

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